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Soy & Corn Free Chicken

After many requests from our customers to add chicken back to our product offering, we thought long and hard about the best way forward. We decided to take a middle of the road approach that would address our predator and weather concerns without compromising animal welfare. Raising small flocks of meat chickens in uncrowded low density housing seemed like the most balanced approach, especially since we offer chicken year round and live in a cold climate. Since we did not have a chicken barn on TK Ranch, we decided that partnering with another farm who could properly raise birds for our program would be a good option. After two years of interviewing potential partners, we chose a very progressive Hutterite Colony located close to TK Ranch. They agreed to raise small flocks of 2500 birds for us every 10 weeks in low density housing, they target 4 birds per square meter when the birds are fully mature. They custom mill all feed to our stringent specifications and do not include soy, antibiotics or animal by-products as part of the ration. They add essential oils, vitamins and minerals to the mix to boost bird immune function naturally. This colony is very invested in raising poultry for TK Ranch and works extremely hard to meet our stringent animal welfare and quality protocols. In a world where chicken production is not black and white, they are doing an exceptional job for us.TK Ranch chickens have been served in some of the finest restaurants in Alberta, including the Banff Springs Hotel and the Jasper Park Lodge. All TK Ranch poultry has been raised humanely and ethically, without the use of soy, corn, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or animal by-products.

Our birds are grown in small flocks in low density housing to protect them from extreme weather and predators. They are given at least twice the space when compared to certified organic barn raised birds which allows them to move freely and behave naturally. They are supplemented with a quality feed mix enriched with vitamins and trace minerals. Their flavour is outstanding and cannot be compared to mainstream birds. They are processed in a provincially inspected facility and all product is vacuum packaged to extend freezer life.

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