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Grass-fed & Grass Finished Beef

On TK Ranch, the quality of our grass-fed beef is very important to us. As one of the first ranch families in Canada to produce and market strictly grass-fed and finished beef, we take great pride knowing that it’s thoroughly enjoyed by our customers. We’re also one of the only ranch families in Canada to be completely vertically integrated, this means we control every aspect of the ranching equation from birth to the consumer. We not only raise our cattle to the highest pasture-based animal welfare standards in North America, but we also process them with the utmost care and respect in our own small government inspected facilities right here on the ranch.

Having our own facilities also means we can dry-age our grass-fed and grass finished beef the old-fashioned way. This rare process adds tremendous flavour and tenderness and unique cooking qualities to our beef products such as beef sirloin steak, beef sirloin rib roast, and ensures a quality eating experience time after time. It also adds great value because dry-aging results in products that do not shrink as much when they’re cooked. Some of the finest chefs in Calgary did yield tests on our beef and found that ours only shrank 12% compared to our competitors that shrank 18%. This is significant when you’re comparing apples to apples, or in this case, grass-fed and grass finished beef. Once dry-aged to perfection, our beef is then transported to our small cutting facility located east of Calgary. Here our team of artisan meat cutters trim it to our exacting standards. It’s then vacuum packaged and immediately frozen to preserve its quality.

On TK Ranch we’re also keenly aware of shifting dietary trends in our society. Whether it’s GAPS, keto, carnivore, paleo, or the growing number of people with gluten or other sensitivities, our grass-fed beef products will meet your needs. Our value-added products, like sausages, patties and jerky, are made without gluten, sugar, soy, corn, MSG, milk products, nitrites (including celery extract) or other unsavoury ingredients. Just nutrient dense grass-fed and grass finished beef, certified organic spices and seasoning and lots of love.

TK Ranch premium grass-fed beef is truly an Alberta original. Raised and finished on the same wild prairie that the buffalo once roamed, it offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy a flavour of the old west.