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Our Location

Alberta, Canada

Picking up an order? Our small processing facility is located 20 minutes east of Calgary. This is where all of our meat is cut and packaged and where orders are filled. The address is 270197 Inverlake Road, Rocky View County. 

TK Ranch is located 2.5 hours NE of Calgary, 2 hours east of Red Deer and 3.5 hours SE of Edmonton. This is where all of our livestock and laying hens are raised and where our on-farm government inspected abattoir is located. The municipality that we live in is called the Special Areas of Alberta and it is very special. TK Ranch is located in some of the last tracts of wild Northern Fescue prairies, only 4% is left in the world. We manage this diverse and wild landscape with the knowledge that thousands of species rely on our caring stewardship, many that are threatened or endangered.

The wild prairie that encompasses much of TK Ranch has become an island surrounded by a patchwork of farmland. Unfortunately this fragile ecosystem is not protected, if it's owned (deeded) it can be broken and farmed. With the price of grain at an all time high this is sadly happening far too often. That's why we're working hard at creating a sustainable model that focuses on protecting the prairie and it's inherent value.

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