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We use DOD-Delivery on Demand Inc. to offer home delivery to many communities across Alberta. Please see a detailed list at the bottom of this page. If you don't see your community listed, please give us a call at 403-854-8532 and we'll contact the courier to see if delivery is possible. 

The fee covers delivery for up to 5 boxes, any orders over 5 boxes will be charged an additional $5 per box. So if your order is 6 boxes and you live in Calgary, you'll be charged a flat fee of $20 for the first 5 boxes, and an additional $5 for the sixth box for a total of $25 (plus GST). 

Our processing facility, where orders are filled, is located 20 minutes east of Calgary on a rural property. To make home delivery both feasible and affordable, we group orders together based on the route they're on and ship them on the same day. The courier currently has four delivery routes:

Route 1 - Delivery Every Tuesday: Communities on this route are marked R1 in the table below

Route 2 - Delivery Every Wednesday: Communities on this route are marked R2 in the table below. 

Route 3 - Delivery Every Thursday: Communities on this route are marked R3 in the table below.

Route 4 - Delivery Every FridayCommunities on this route are marked R4 in the table below.

Order Deadline & Delivery Times

We're a small company with limited staff. This means we have to organize order fulfilment carefully to ensure we can meet our weekly delivery commitments. For this reason, we have an order deadline of Sunday for home delivery the following week. For example, if you place an order on Saturday, it will be delivered the following week on one of our regularly scheduled delivery days. If you miss the order deadline and place an order on Monday, it will not be delivered that week, but pushed back to the next week. Some people think we should leave orders open and not have an order deadline, but we're not Amazon. Our order volumes can't support staff working 24/7, instead we'd rather put reasonable systems in place that meet the needs of both our customers and our staff.

Our courier only has a few drivers that each have a defined delivery route. How many orders slated for each route determines when they're delivered. For example, if there are a lot of deliveries slated for Calgary SW then it takes longer to deliver in that area. If there are only a few, they might all be delivered before 10:00 AM. Every week is different so we can't give you a specific delivery time. Since Calgary is close to our facility, orders can start being delivered fairly early in the morning on Fridays and as late as 6:00 PM. For people in the Edmonton area, orders start being delivered at approximately 10:00 AM and can go as late as 7:00 PM. If you're located outside of Edmonton, or in a small town along the Hwy 2 corridor, your order could be delivered as late as 8:00 PM. Any orders delivered after 8:00 PM will be managed by us on a case by case basis.

If your order hasn't been delivered by the times listed above, please call us at (403) 854-8532. DON'T EMAIL because we monitor the phone from home in the evenings where we don't have access to company email. Thanks!

Why not offer free home delivery? 

Some people ask why we don't offer free delivery and the answer is simple, it's to control our prices. Please understand that not everything is created equal, while others in the marketplace may seem to be offering a similar product for a lower price, it's essential you do your homework to ensure you're comparing apples to apples. It costs a great deal for us to raise our livestock to the highest pasture based animal welfare standards in North America. Not to mention having our own on-farm government inspected abattoir and processing facilities. For these reasons our program stands alone in the marketplace. There are also some companies that are less than transparent when it comes to their pricing. Instead of listing a price, they have a complicated points system that effectively hides it. We used to supply one of these companies and they marked up our products 250%. Sadly, most consumers don't realize this and fall for the offer of "free" home delivery when in reality there's no free lunch. 

Curbside Pick-Up

If you'd like to place an order online and pick-up we ask for 48 hours to fill an order. This gives us the time to properly fill your order and you won't have to wait for us to fill it when you arrive. Please understand that we're a small company and only have one person filling orders for both our pick-up and home delivery customers. Once your order is filled and ready for pick-up our staff will email and let you know. Please check your junk folder as these emails sometimes end up there. You can also call for a status update: (403) 854-8532

Add Free Range Eggs to your order!

Want to add free-range eggs to your order? We're not allowed to sell our eggs in our online store so please put into the comments section of your order what size and how many dozen you'd like to add (limit of 4 doz) and we'll take care of it. 

PLEASE NOTE: We use insulated box liners to prevent orders from thawing in transit!

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm, Saturdays 10:00am to 4:00pm. The office is CLOSED Sundays & Mondays

CommunityDelivery FeeCommunityDelivery FeeCommunityDelivery Fee
Airdrie (R4) $25 + GST DeWinton (R4) $25 + GST Penhold (R4) $25 + GST
Aldersyde (R4) $30 + GST Didsbury (R4) $25 + GST Pincher Creek (R1) $35 + GST
Ardrossan (R4) $35 + GST Edmonton (R4) $25 + GST Ponoka (R4) $25 + GST
Balzac (R4) $20 + GST Exshaw (R3) $40 + GST Priddis (R4) $30 + GST
Banff (R1) $40 + GST Ft. Saskatchewan (R4) $35 + GST Red Deer (R4) $25 + GST
Bearspaw (R4) $20 + GST Fort McLeod (R1) $35 + GST Redwood Meadows (R4) $30 + GST
Beaumont (R4) $25 + GST Ghost Lake (R3) $35 + GST Rocky Mountain House (R3) $35 + GST
Bentley/Gull Lake (R4) $35 + GST Harvie Heights (R3) $35 + GST St. Albert (R4) $25 + GST
Bergen (R3) $40 + GST Heritage Pointe (R4) $25 + GST Sherwood Park (R4) $25 + GST
Black Diamond (R4) $35 + GST High River (R4) $35 + GST South Cooking Lake (R4) $35 + GST
Blackfalds (R4) $25 + GST Innisfail (R3) $25 + GST Springbank (R4) $25 + GST
Bowden (R4) $25 + GST Irricana (R4) $30 + GST Spruce Grove (R4) $25 + GST
Bragg Creek (R4) $30 + GST Kathyrn (R3) $30 + GST Stony Plain (R4) $25 + GST
Brooks (R2) $40 + GST Knee Hill Valley (R3) $35 + GST Strathmore (R3) $30 + GST
Calgary (R4) $20 + GST Lacombe (R4) $25 + GST Sundre (R3) $35 + GST
Camrose (R4) $50 + GST Langdon (R2) $25 +GST Sylvan Lake (R4) $35 + GST
Canmore (R3) $35 + GST Leduc (R4) $25 + GST Taber (R3) $40 + GST
Caroline (R4) $50 + GST Lethbridge (R1) $35 + GST Three Hills (R3) $35 + GST
Carstairs (R4) $25 + GST Medicine Hat (R2) $40 + GST Torrington (R3)  $40 + GST
CFB Edmonton (R4) $25 + GST Millarville (R4) $35 + GST Turner Valley (R4) $35 + GST
Chestermere (R4) $20 + GST Millet (R4) $25 + GST Vulcan (R1) $40 + GST
Claresholm (R1) $35 + GST Nanton (R1) $35 + GST Water Valley (R2) $40 + GST
Cochrane (R4) $25 + GST Nisku (R4) $25 + GST Wetaskiwin (R4) $35 + GST
Cremona (R3) $40 + GST Nobleford (R1) $35 + GST Wizard Lake (R4) $35 + GST
Crossfield (R4) $25 + GST Okotoks (R4) $25 + GST
Devon (R4) $30 + GST Olds (R4) $25 + GST
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