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Pasture Raised Pork

We raise our pigs on pasture - that includes our sows - and they only farrow once a year, not three times which is standard in conventional barn raised pork production. For this reason we only have a limited number of pigs processed every year and often in the fall there is a gap between last year's production and this year's.

TK Ranch heritage pasture raised pork has excellent old-fashioned flavour and is well trimmed. We use rare Berkshire and Duroc heritage breeds for tremendous marbling and flavour. Our sows are not separated from their babies at birth like almost all conventional, natural and organic pork production models. They are provided with farrowing houses to give birth and always have access to pasture — they are never confined. The pigs that are processed into our program never receive sub-therapeutic antibiotics, animal by-products, artificial growth hormones or chemical insecticides. They are fed on a grain based diet that does not have soy in the ration.

Our processed pork products are made without MSG, gluten (celiac friendly), milk solids, nitrites, nitrates, sulfites, artificial colours or chemical preservatives. All products are vacuum packaged and frozen. Weights are approximate. All animals are processed in a provincially inspected facility.