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What Our Customers Say

I absolutely love what you stand for and we love your products. The meat tastes better and I feel good feeding my family meat that is raised on the land and cared for properly. I know it would be easy for most farmers to fall prey to the lure of big industry, so I just want to say thank you for keeping true to your values and providing families with the best quality meat and animal products. I will never buy meat from the regular grocery store again. I’m a TK Ranch supporter for life!
Jennifer G. Calgary
I got my first order from TK Ranch about a month ago. Just want to rave about your pork. There is such a tremendous difference in taste and texture. I’ve even kept some of the bacon fat (which I would never do with conventional bacon due to the high chemical content) to brown roasts and onions with. So good!
Holly R.
I must say, that my wife is disappointed in you folks. She can’t eat anywhere other than home now and not notice how terrible the meat tastes. She says she’s becoming a food snob and it’s my fault. I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thanks for being awesome.
Nick F. Leduc
I used a chuck roast yesterday for pot roast. Meat was delightfully tender and flavorful. My family agreed that the Christmas turkey was as yummy as the one we cooked at Thanksgiving. I used Colleen’s recipe for stuffing and my grandsons went back for thirds! Thank you for your product: I appreciate how much work it must take.
Pauline E. Edmonton
We have been ordering from TK ranch for almost 2 years now. I can’t tell you how fortunate we are for finding it. The meat is superior quality, and everything is delicious. Colleen is so great at answering any questions we have. I recommend TK ranch to anybody!
Sabrina M. Calgary
I just want to say that I had your chicken wings for supper and I don’t think I will go back to store bought again. I was expecting tiny wings and boy was I wrong. They hardly had any fat and had a ton of meat. Thank you for your awesome products and we will certainly be back for more.... I am pretty sure the supermarket won’t see us for a while in regards to buying our meat. One happy customer.
The Gear Family Spruce Grove
I just received and sampled my first delivery. Hands down the best pork chops we have ever had!! We will be buying from TK Ranch routinely now. Thank you for supplying such a fantastic product.
Ken W. Calgary
When I decided to reintroduce meat to my diet, I went on a search to find the right organization to support in keeping with my ethics. I am happy to be able to purchase products that I am not ashamed to eat or serve. Thank you again.
Monica G. Calgary
I received my first order and it was phenomenal! I have been a vegetarian for three years but have been looking for ways to cut down on the environmental impact of my food... I am so proud to be supporting a business with unwavering ethics & high quality products.
Angeline L. Sherwood Park
I slow roasted the chicken on the BBQ and finished it on high heat to brown the skin and it was perhaps the most delicious chicken ever. The skirt steaks were amazing and the pork shank very tasty. And I make your ground beef into ground beef steak by folding it in half over very thinly sliced limes and very thinly sliced yam... yummy delicious. We shall be buying all of our meat from you... thanks.
Grant M. Calgary
Very sincere thanks for putting such huge effort into holding your course of ethically producing the best food possible and educating the public about it. Hopefully enough consumers will realize the incredible value your food provides and support your farm so we will always have the opportunity of providing our families with the best!
Janet M. Calgary
We tried the chicken wings for the first time tonight. Delicious! Everything we have tried in the last few years has been so good. We are now spoiled and cannot consume meat from any other source! Thank you for all that you do to provide Alberta with safe and top quality meats
Lori J. Edmonton
I just want to say that we bought a mixed bulk pkg from you guys a few weeks ago – the economy lovers – and you guys surpassed our expectations immensely! We used to buy a half of a cow down from a ranch in Medicine Hat that was grass-fed and it was the best there, but you guys beat them out! Thank you so much and can’t wait to try the Fine bulk mix.
Snannon H. Medicine Hat
I stopped by the store on Inverlake Road today and picked up cottage pork chops. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful! The chops were the best we’ve had in ages and so reasonably priced for such amazing flavorful pork. The beef garlic sausage is a total winner, great seasoning and no nitrates. We’ll be back for more.
Ryan G. Calgary
Today I BBQ’d 2 of your large chops and they were amazing! I made a simple rub of olive oil, rosemary and pepper. You have made a lamb-lover out of me! We’ll be ordering more on our next order. WOW!
Lorie G. Edmonton
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