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Pork Bratwurst Sausages, 370g


Our Pork Bratwurst Sausages are mild with a wonderful flavour. Whether served with sauerkraut or grilled on the barbecue to change things up a bit they are sure to please.

Each package of six Pork Bratwurst Sausages weighs approximately 370 grams.

Ingredients: Lean Ground Pork, water, salt, organic sage, organic black pepper, organic paprika, organic ground coriander, organic cayenne pepper, organic dry mustard and organic nutmeg. Uncooked.

The old world heritage breed pigs that we raise on TK Ranch — specifically Berkshire and Duroc — are famous for their carcass and eating quality. When compared to conventionally raised pigs — that are bred to be lean and housed inside barns — our pigs are much different. They naturally have more fat that gives them the hardiness to live outside in all types of weather and this keeps them healthier and more content. This translates into richer meat that is well marbled and has a wonderful flavour.

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