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Soy-Free Chicken Backs and Necks


Our Chicken Backs and Necks are perfect for making delicious home made chicken stock.

Each package of chicken Backs and Necks includes two carcasses and weighs approximately 1.25 kilograms.

Chicken Stock Recipe

One package of Chicken Backs and Necks will make two litres of broth.

  • Place thawed chicken backs and necks into a baking dish (or put them in frozen).
  • Cook in a 350 F oven until well browned, about 45 minutes (a bit longer if they were frozen).
    Baking the carcasses first adds tremendous flavour to the broth.
  • Remove browned carcasses from baking pan and place in a pot suitable for making soup.
  • Cover the bones with an additional two inches of water and add:
    • the leafy parts of several celery stalks
    • 1 medium onion cut into 4 pieces
    • 4 peeled garlic cloves
    • a few whole black peppercorns
    • 1 bay leaf
  • Bring to a boil then turn the heat down and cover so the pot is at a low simmer.
  • After an hour, skim the little bit of foam that comes to the top of the stock pot.
  • Continue to simmer for several hours until the broth is a deep rich yellow colour.
  • Pour through a fine sieve to remove solids.
  • Freeze in smaller containers for future use or make soup right away.

TK Ranch Chicken Soup

  • Thaw one TK Ranch Chicken Breast in cool water. Once thawed cut into small pieces.
  • In a large pot, add:
    • about 2 litres of chicken stock
    • 2 diced carrots
    • 2 stalks of diced celery
    • 1 medium chopped onion
    • 2 cloves of minced garlic
    • the chicken breast pieces
    • 1 cup of basmati rice (or 2 cups leftover rice)
  • Simmer until the vegetables are soft and the chicken and rice are cooked.
  • Season with 1/2 tsp sweet basil and salt and black pepper to taste.
  • Serve with:

Gluten Free Tea Biscuits

    • 2 cups gluten free flour (we use Namaste)
    • ½ tsp salt
    • 3 tsp gluten free baking powder
    • ½ cup butter
    • ¼ cup milk
  • Preheat oven to 425 F. Mix flour with salt and gluten free baking powder.
  • Cut butter into the flour with a pastry cutter (or two butter knives) until the flour has the consistency of small peas.
  • Add the milk and quickly mix until a soft dough forms — do not over mix — this makes the biscuits tough.
  • Gently roll out dough on a floured board (I use a piece of wax paper) until it is one inch thick.
  • Cut into squares (simplest), place on a greased cookie sheet and place into the preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Serve hot with lots of butter and cheddar cheese.

For several years we have been aware of the serious issues regarding soy in our food system, like the ones mentioned in this article found in the Utne Reader. As a result of this, we removed soy (and all GMOs) from our livestock feed several years ago with the exception of our poultry. This issue was very complicated because chickens require a high protein ration to finish properly and there are few palatable alternatives that offer the same results as soy. In addition to this, few mills were willing to work with us in making a ration without soy unless we substituted canola or corn — which we did not want to do. Last fall we finally found a small local mill that was willing to make whatever ration that we wanted and this was a game changer. We formulated a ration that not only removed soy and all GMOs, but also included 9 essential oils (including oregano), garlic and vitamin C to help keep the birds healthy. Eliminating soy was not an inexpensive process — it actually added 15% to our production costs. But we feel the benefits of consuming completely soy free products outweigh the relatively small increase in costs. In early November 2013 our first batch of soy-free chickens were placed and we are proud to be able to offer them to our customers.