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Turkey, Free Range, Half. Save 10% on 9 lb halves!


We weren't sure any of our turkeys would be big enough to cut in half this year, but a few were! We don't have a lot of half turkeys so please order yours today!

Many of our customers have asked why we don't have smaller turkeys. What they don't realize is that a mature turkey should weigh about 18 lbs. So when people ask for a 10 lb bird, they are getting a turkey chick! We prefer to let ours grow up and offer a simpler option - just cut the birds in HALF! I wasn't sure we could do this once the birds were frozen, but we experimented and it worked just fine. Each half turkey has been vacuum packaged to prevent freezer burn.

For generations serving turkey has been thought of as a symbol of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. The smell of a slow roasted free-range turkey is reminiscent of the holidays and family gatherings. When turkey is in the air who doesn't think of stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy — not to mention pumpkin pie and cranberries?

Our turkeys are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine. They are only available close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We only have a limited number so please order soon to ensure you receive one of our wonderful turkeys.

Our free-range turkeys are raised outside in a large pen with access to a protected building. Fresh air, sunshine, clean water and nutritious grains make our free-range turkeys succulent and delicious — but they are a limited offering, so order yours today!

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